I have over 20 years of expertise as the head of sales in organisations like AMRO Bank, Loyal Trading Systems Reliance, and Torque. He currently serves as Rotary Trading Singapore's Vice President. He has received certification from SB Accounting Consultants as a Practicing Management Consultant.

Blockchain enthusiast and crypto investor Bernard Ong Hock Fong. He attended one of the most outstanding colleges in the world, the National University of Singapore, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Financial Support Services.

Writer’s bio

H is expertise spans corporate finance, investment banking, accounting, and sales management. At ABN AMRO Bank, he oversaw managing 200MM USD AUM for corporate clients. He later co-founded Torque and worked on more than 120 private finance systems projects with domestic and foreign SMEs and counterparties in various industries, including healthcare, technology, hotel, construction, marine, and real estate development.

Being a devotee of cryptocurrencies, he is also interested in working with Blockchain-related tech and finance companies.